Club Pass Info

CYSL has approved the use of “club pass” beginning this season.  

The club pass is a shared pass for a game. 

  • Coaches should bring a copy of their team roster – only their team roster (you can keep the roster)

  • Check player/coach passes against the roster for primary and secondary players registered to that team

  • Any player that was placed on that team with a club pass will have “club pass” noted next to their name OR their name may be a handwritten name with “club pass” noted next to it.

  • “club pass” noted players will not have a paper pass or digital pass for you to review

  • All of the above are allowed to play.

  • The League and NSSA officials will follow-up by confirming that all players marked as “club pass” are registered players to another team in that club



CLUB PASSES – Spring 2018 (as noted on Ref Site)


Definition of a Club Pass for the Spring 2018 season for ENSA & CYSL:

Teams in all divisions will be allowed to use the “club pass” method of transferring players between teams in their club during the Spring 2018 season. Essentially the club pass can be considered a “shared player” for that one game. There will be no paper player pass or digital pass for those players that have been designated with club pass for that game. Teams may or may not have secondary players as well.

Coaches will be asked to print a roster for each game and note which player(s) were added to the roster for that game using the club pass method. When the transfer is made through the Affinity team program, the roster will have “CP” noted next to that player’s name. Only the maximum number of players allowed on that roster will be noted on the roster for that game. These rosters are referred to as League Player Rosters and can be printed from the team page. This is not an official NSSA team roster.

Please note that all players that are transferred through the Affinity program will generate an email to the league scheduler/competition coordinator that a transfer for that player has been made.

Referees will retain the roster after using it to check in the teams. After the game, the referee will be required to note any missing player passes for primary and secondary players and all players listed as “CP” on the game report AND file a NO PASS report with NSSA. There is a link on the HEYREF website for the no pass report.

Purpose of Club Pass:

Cover player shortages with players eligible to that play level

  • Improve player development

  • Reduce the necessity for reschedules

Things to Remember:

  • Club Pass is a tool for clubs to improve player development, not mis-use to gain a competitive advantage.

  • Club Pass should be thought of as a “shared player” meaning a temporary addition to your roster, not a chance for players to play consistently for multiple teams each season.

  • NSSA recommends no more than two club pass players per team.

  • Players are not allowed to play for more than two teams in one day.