Sept 19  --   as of 4:15pm 

All games on city fields (TQP & SSP) and CBRC are cancelled today

All other games will play as scheduled



ALL PLAYERS AND COACHES MUST HAVE A PLAYER PASS !!!  Players and coaches must have player passes or el:30ectroinc passes as furnished by NSSA that will be checked prior to game time.  Paper player passes must be laminated and have pictures.  Concernng club passes:

  • Coaches should bring a copy of their team roster – only their team roster
  • The player/coach passes will be checked against the roster for primary and secondary players registered to that team
  • Any player that was placed on that team with a club pass will have “club pass” noted next to their name OR their name may be a handwritten name with “club pass” noted next to it (in CYSL games only) 



***Check your schedule before your game ***

Changes have been made to U14B2, U12G2 U9G1, U9G3, U10G1, U10G2

and U12B1  schedules due to team drops



Sept 18  --  Wednesday, Next CYSL Rep meeting  7:15pm at SJEA Parish Center.

Oct 5-6  --  Sat-Sun,  Rec Cup, limited play

Nov 2  --  Saturday,  Last day of Fall Season 

Friday September 20 Rescheduled To
8241 5:30 PM SR 14 SR LIGHTNING vs SALBT SAINTES Mon Oct 7 5:30 PM TQP 09
Saturday September 21 Rescheduled To
3212 9:00 AM CATH 10S CATH DEFENDERS vs SR FIRE Sat Sep 21 3:00 PM TQP 04S
7132 9:00 AM TQP 09 SPAT EAGLES vs SPSL HEAT Sat Sep 21 9:00 AM TQP 13
7130 11:00 AM MOQ 14 BERN TIGERS vs CTK 7 CTK PURPLE Fri Sep 27 5:30 PM TQP 10
7224 11:00 AM TQP 09 WENC EXTREME vs SR HEAT Sat Sep 21 11:00 AM MOQ 14
4221 12:00 PM WENC 10 WENC PISTOL SHRIMPS vs SVDP STORM Sat Sep 21 3:00 PM WENC 10
7239 1:00 PM TQP 09 CATH CARDINALS vs SVDP THUNDER Sat Sep 21 3:00 PM TQP 13
6143 1:30 PM CATH 12 CATH JR. CARDINALS vs SALBT SAIINTES Mon Sep 30 6:00 PM TQP 15
6132 1:30 PM LEO 12 CTK 5 CTK GOLD vs SJEA COMETS Pending Reschedule
Monday September 23 Rescheduled To
3623 5:30 PM SSP 2N SPSL BLAST vs HN HN Fri Oct 18 5:30 PM PIUS 10E

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