Spring  2020 Soccer
Team Information due
Monday Febr 10, 2020
(Teams, Coaches, Conflicts
Club Officers, Field Info)


Game Day Status
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United Select Soccer
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Concussion in
Youth Sports
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Spring 2020 dates

Febr 10 - Monday,     team, conflict, field, club info due

Febr 24 - Monday,     verifications sent out

Mar 19 - Thursday    Start of Spring Season, weather permitting

April 9 - 12 - Thursday-Sunday    Easter break

May 16 - Saturday    Target United Cup (limited play)

May 22 -  Friday    End of Spring season


ALL PLAYERS AND COACHES MUST HAVE A PLAYER PASS !!!  Players and coaches must have player passes or el:30ectroinc passes as furnished by NSSA that will be checked prior to game time.  Paper player passes must be laminated and have pictures.  Concernng club passes:

  • Coaches should bring a copy of their team roster – only their team roster
  • The player/coach passes will be checked against the roster for primary and secondary players registered to that team
  • Any player that was placed on that team with a club pass will have “club pass” noted next to their name OR their name may be a handwritten name with “club pass” noted next to it (in CYSL games only)  

No Rescheduled Games Within 3 Days

Omaha, Nebraska, weather forecast