Tuesday October 20 --- games will play as scheduled.




CYSL is asking all schools to follow the NSS ‘Procedures / suggestions’

•   Coaches and bench personnel are encouraged to wear PPE including masks throughout the game especially while in technical area.

 ***MOQ Field has the additional requirements of EVERYONE (including players on the field) to be in a mask the whole time they are at MOQ***

•   Per recommendation of the CDC, all teams should limit non-essential spectators and visitors

•   Spectators are encouraged to wear PPE including masks whenever possible.

•   Spectators should maintain social distance with other spectators not from their immediate household members before, during and after the game (6 feet or more).

•   Bleachers and benches should not be used- spectators should bring their own chairs/seating.

•   Spectators should sit or stand no closer than 6-10 ft to the field sideline. Maintain distance between players and referees throughout the game.

•    While on the bench, or not actively participating, players are encouraged to wear PPE including masks. All players should have their own masks available during games, masks should never be shared.

•    Referees are encouraged to wear PPE including masks pre-game including check ins and immediately following the game. Referees may elect to wear a mask during the game if the mask does not hinder their breathing in a dangerous manner or their ability to perform referee duties (this is a personal decision)    


Jewelry - Earrings covered with Band Aids are not allowed  No jewelry is allowed.  Medical bracelets and medallions are to be taped with the shield exposed.  Attached is a Position Paper that speaks to the issue of "Jewelry"    Jewelry Position Paper





Rescheduled Games

Tuesday October 20 Rescheduled To
5245 5:30 PM LEO 12 SPSL Dropped -No game-No resch vs SVDP IMPACT Pending Reschedule
3534 5:30 PM SR 10 SR HURRICANES vs SVDP BLUEJAYS Tue Oct 20 6:00 PM SR 10
3235 5:30 PM SVDP 10 SPAT EAGLES vs SVDP TIGERS Fri Sep 18 5:30 PM WENC 10
Thursday October 22 Rescheduled To
4333 5:30 PM SVDP 10 SVDP LIONS vs SPSL Dropped -No game-No resch Pending Reschedule
Friday October 23 Rescheduled To
6233 5:30 PM CATH 12 CATH JR CARDINALS vs SPAT LIONS Tue Oct 27 5:30 PM SSP 1S
6243 5:30 PM CATH 12 CATH JR CARDINALS vs MOQ FIREBOLTS Fri Oct 2 5:30 PM MOQ 12

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