Monday October 16  .....   


Game 7138 U14B1 SVDP-STPH at ZOR Field was cancelled tonight

due to standing water on the field


Game 4521 U9G3 at SPAT10 may not have a referee tonight.


.....all other games will play as scheduled..  



Rain ReScheduling Update:

There are only 10 days of play left in the season. Unfortunately, games rained out on Saturday October 14 will not be rescheduled. Before Saturday's rain, 325 games have been rescheduled. Saturday's rain cancelled an additional 96 games. Most rainouts have occurred within the last 2 weeks; consequently there are 352 games scheduled in the last 10 days of play, it has become logistically impossible to reschedule all of the rainouts.   Moving forward for the season, we are working at reviewing all schedules to ensure each U7-U10 team will play at least 6 games and each U12 - U14 team will play at least 8 games, assuming no further cancellations are need.


On Monday 9/11 Seymour Smith Fields (SSP)  was closed for the season. Games have been moved to other fields on the same date/time when it was possible.


Games at MOQ field, on Saturdays through Oct 20 at 2pm and 3pm, have been moved to earlier in the day or to other fields on the same date.


Please check your schedule before game time.

There are some changes at the start of the season.

Minor changes have been made to the following divisions:

U7B5, U9B3, U10G1, U10G3, U12G2, U7/8G1, U10B3 AND U7/8B1


CYSL does not have any fields on Wednesdays and Sundays


Wednesday October 18 - Next Rep meeting, 7pm  CTK Parish Center


Tuesday October 17 Rescheduled To
5227 5:30 PM SSP 1S MOQ SOUNDERS vs SPSL HEAT Tue Oct 17 5:30 PM LEO 12
5235 5:30 PM SSP 3N HC STRIKERS vs WENC ON FIRE Tue Oct 17 5:30 PM TQP 15

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