Tuesday  May 22  ....  games will play as scheduled.



Per the recommendation of U.S. Youth Soccer “Lightning Safety Outdoors,” when lighting is seen or thunder is heard, regardless of rain, play or practice should stop and all participants and spectators should move indoors or into cars as soon as possible. Play or practice may resume 30 minutes after the last thunder or lightning



SMM U14B2 Revolution has dropped out of league..opponents will be given a forfeit.

HN U10G2 Ramblers have dropped out of league..opponents will be given a forfeit

Updated parish field sheets have been sent out.

Pending reschedules are posted. Please provide 2 to 3 alternative dates

that are agreeable to both coaches. 


Friday May 25 - Season Ends.   



Thursday May 24 Rescheduled To
1028 5:30 PM SR 8N WENC UNITED vs SR MOMENTUM Pending Reschedule
2230 5:30 PM SVDP 8W STM KITTENS vs SR FORCE Thu May 24 6:30 PM MOQ 8E
6241 5:30 PM TQP 13 HC STARS vs SJEA JR WOLFPACK Sat May 19 9:30 AM SSP 1S
Friday May 25 Rescheduled To
3332 5:30 PM SJEA 10E BERN TIGERS vs SJEA SJEA Thu May 24 6:45 PM TQP 06S
5137 5:30 PM SMM 12 SMM FREEDOM vs HC STRIKERS Fri May 25 5:30 PM SSP 3N
1428 5:30 PM SR 8S WENC CYCLONES vs SR STARS Pending Reschedule
4622 6:45 PM TQP 06N SMM THUNDER vs SVDP SPARKS Thu Apr 26 5:30 PM PIUS 10E
6329 7:00 PM SMM 12 CTK GOLD vs SR COMETS Fri May 25 7:00 PM SSP 3N
7136 7:00 PM TQP 09 SMM SPARTANS vs CTK GOLD Tue May 15 5:30 PM TQP 03
5138 7:00 PM TQP 13 WENC ON FIRE vs SPSL HEAT Mon Apr 16 5:30 PM TQP 07
6223 7:00 PM TQP 13 SR ANGELS vs MOQ SUNS Tue May 22 5:30 PM SSP 1S

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